Sustain a Sense of Progress on the Road to Wealth

You can create and sustain a sense of progress as you work and wait for wealth.

Even when you have no particular destination in mind, you can consider different time frames, in both directions, to maintain your clear and balanced short, medium and long term views of where you have been and where you are going. You then more easily  see the appropriate relevance and importance of specific events and circumstances.

You can master your path to wealth by controlling the direction and pace of the changes you initiate or accept to realize the benefits of opportunity and experience. You can be fully accountable and responsible for whatever happens to you over the short, medium and long term as you make choices, goals and commitments that are based on clear intention and purpose.

Anticipate and recognize landmarks along your way and regularly celebrate your progress. Recognize unexpected destinations and take joy in discovering them.

Allow constant course correction to ensure that you realize an intended destination in a time and manner that is important to you or to take advantage of an opportunity to realize a desirable destination that you may not have anticipated with your initial intentions.

Your ability to make such effective course corrections in the direction, pace and destinations on your short, medium and long term path depends directly and entirely on your ability to make choices.


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